Donne Africane Italiane: le attività

Meetings and initiatives

We participate in local initiatives for the promotion of cultural peace and peaceful coexistence between different cultures, we organize dinners and other events to support Community development projects in Africa carried out by African women themselves.

25 November 2020 participation in the event “Against violence on women and gender” organized by the Almaterra Association, the l’altra Riva Onlus and YEPP Porta Palazzo. 

28 November 2020 participation in the “ideas and work Marathon” promoted by the Turin City Group of women- - link

2020 – Participation in the work of the general assembly of the French-speaking women’s network for sustainable development goals. (RFAFA/ODD)
Organized in Kinshasa/Congo, at the end of 2020, with online preparatory meetings.


Participation in projects

Project “African/Italian The development is women”

Proposed by the Abele Group within the ban “Frame, Voice, Report!” financed by the European Union and the Piedmont Region, through the Piedmonts NGOs Consortium, the “Africa/Italian projects. The development is women” proposed to raise awareness of Gender and equal opportunities issues with reference to the fifth sustainable development objective “Enhancing gender equality and emancipation of all women and girls”.
It takes a view from the good practice of women immigrant from Africa (North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, and Horn of Africa) in Piedmont. They are women who are building networks to become the protagonists in the society they live in, along with Italian associations and women with which they plot paths and experiences. The common objective is making gender equality battles effective, in contact with national European networks of African diaspora.
By presenting their testimony at meetings with schools and youth associations, at specific times and with the realization of a video report, the project made visible some good practices that start “from the bottom” provoking interest, questions, reflections aimed at changing views and attitudes, helping to investigate the female issues with new languages to make visible the positive aspects of the migration phenomenon in Piedmont. With the primary aim of highlighting how gender equality is essential for achieving all the UN sustainable development objectives for 2030.

The African Italian women Forum was involved in an important way in the project’s activities, both for meeting young people from schools and for making the video report “Wanawake-Sisters without borders”. The experience of the Italian Women’s Forum was valued within the tale, starting from 10’50 minute.

Wanawake sorelle


The project “Diaspora, migration, civil Society: training, culture, meeting and communication on the themes of the protagonism of migrant communities” – 2020

The African/Italian Forum 2020 was organized under the project, with the support of the CRT Foundation and in the partnership with the Piedmont Center for African Studies.




Working tables

In preparation for the Forum throughout the year we organize meetings with groups and associations of women both African and Italian around various themes. Working tables are our working methods and are open to all realities from time to time identified on specific initiatives and subjects.

The preparation meetings of the 2019 Forum 

  • Ecumenical Prayer Group

    24 FEBBRUARY 2019

    Meeting with the Nigerian women of the Ecumenical Prayer Group of Turin.


    10 MARCH 2019

    Meeting with the AFAC Association – Women of the Mosque of Corso Giulio Cesare in Turin.


    31st MARCH 2019

    Meeting with the Collective of Association of African women in Cuneo.


    12 MAY 2019

    Meeting with the women of the French-speaking community of Turin.

  • OFAD - Organisation des Femmes Africaines de la Diaspora

    25 MAY 2019

    Meeting with the association of Italian women and the delegation of OFAD/France.


The activity of the African Italian women Forum was concretized in meetings open to the public, in the participation in initiatives related to our objectives and working tables for the preparation of the event of the Forum, meeting and reflection time, summary and conclusion of the work carried out together.. 

We are also involved in networking projects with other realities operating on the Piedmont and national territory; we work with networks of women from Africa diaspora active in Europe and with Africna women to develop relationships with our countries.. 

Our activities 

Working tables

Working tables

Together to prepare the Forum

Participation in projects

Participation in projects

The projects we are involved in

Meetings and initiatives

Meetings and initiatives

A network to promote women

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