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“Wanawake, sisters without borders"

Video report: “Wanawake, sisters without borders"

On 22 February 2020, during the evening organized by the Abele Group, in collaboration with the Collective African Women in Italy, the video report “Wanawake – Sisters without borders” was presented. The report reconstructed some experiences of the women of the African diaspora in Turin, looking at their desire to be involved in the life of the city that has received them. Since the 1990, Turin has been a laboratory of important intercultural experiences and has known this protagonism that is enriching, more recently with the experience of the African/Italian Forum. The evening continued with ethnic dishes dinner for the co-financing of the activities of the Collective.


The report “Wanawake-Sisters without borders” was realized within the project “African/Italian The development is women” proposed by the Abele Group and financed by the European Union and the Piedmont Region within the ban “Frame, Voice, Report!”. The project was proposed to raise awareness of Gender and equal opportunities issues with reference to the fifth objective of Sustainable Development “Enhancing gender equality and emancipation of all women and girls”.. 

It takes view from the good practice of women immigrant from Africa (North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, and Horn of Africa) in Piedmont. They are women who are building networks, along with Italian women and associations, with whom they plot paths and experiences in making gender equality battles effective and to be more protagonists in the society they live in.
By presenting their testimony at meetings with schools and youth associations, at specific moments, the project raised interest, questions, reflections that could change the views and attitudes to the female issue and make the positive aspects of the migration phenomenon visible in Piedmont, also the good practice that start from the bottom and the interdependence between the North and the South of the world. The primary end was to highlight that gender equality is essential for achieving all the Sustainable Development Goals identified by the UN for 2030.


04 Awa“Wanawake –Sisters without borders” recount some of these paths, recognizing the social and political value of the experiences to “Ensure full and effective participation of women and equal opportunities for leadership at all political, economic and public life decision-making levels”, the fifth objective of AGENDA 2030 for Sustainable Development. 
 A message of active citizenship reaching generation of daughters born and raised within Italy who see in these women a bridge between different cultures; the reason for a membership with a changing Continent, where female protagonism is making its way.


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 “Wanawake, Sisters without borders” was realized by Roberta Dho (public journalist, communication expert in gender issues)-post production by Kami Communication.

It lasts 35 minutes

See the video report (EN subtitles).