Donne Africane Italiane: il Forum 2018

2018 regional African Italian Forum


The first edition of the regional African Italian women Forum in Piedmont treated deeply the status of women in Africa and at the same time, has begun a reflection on immigration and integration issues in Piedmont.

2018 FAMI Forum donne ProgrammaAims of the Forum: to create a link of African women’s associations in Italy, which are committed to giving voice to the reality of African women, who have long been resident in Piedmont and in Italy.
Elaborate through study, work and network of associations that are useful to improve integration and to identify new pathways of participation and active citizenship.

Three treated themes: the role of women in Africa, migration/integration and association. The speakers, identified for high profiles and experience in organizations and associations engaged in African women’s integration, also met in the afternoon group working, drawing up proposals and recommendations to return to the Forum in plenary session.
The forum got inspired with the reality of European countries such as France and Belgium where the associations of African women in diaspora are able to coordinate and take these intentions for many years. Of particular relief is the testimony of the French woman of OFAD, Federation of Associations and Enterprise run by African women living outside their continents.

The first regional Forum was proposed by the support of the Piedmont Region and the Abele Group, in the context of the FAMI MULTIACTION – Project InterAction in Piedmont Action 4 “Association” and by the collaboration between representatives of women associations, the Women association for the Defense of Civil Society, by the Piedmonts’ Center of African Studies, and by the Turin Intercultural Center.





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