Donne Africane Italiane: il Forum 2019

2019 national African Italian Forum


The second edition of the African Italian Forum was focused on the ACTIVE PARTICIPATION in public life and the process of inte(g)ration of African women in Italy.

2019 Forum 2510 1Aims of the Forum: to share reflections, ideas, desires, necessities, but above all the wealth of active citizenship and development projects in Africa, that emerged in a year of meetings between African and Italian women’s associations in Piedmont. The commitment of women in Africa diaspora was made concrete in the creation of the Collective African Women in Italy with shared objectives and programs.

Treated themes: The African Italian FORUM deepened the importance of a female network based on equal comparison between African and Italian women to identify new ways of participation and to scarify the univocal image of the African women with problems and needs. To enhance the potential and to promote women’s empowerment are the challenges of a welfare that would encourage integration and equal opportunities at work. On the agenda also, was the role of women in Africa’s development, through the participation of African women in international cooperation. The contribution of national and international guests, network-leading women in the African diaspora, highlighted their roles as “spokeswomen” of Africa’s real needs, to contribute in identifying the development strategies of the African countries left in poverty, wars or famine.

The 2019 FORUM received the support from the Piedmont Region with the ban for the allocation of contributions to associations, which are mainly of foreign origin.






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