Donne Africane Italiane: Chi siamo

Who we are

The African/Italian Forum is promoted by the Collective African Women for Change in collaboration with numerous groups and associations.

The African/Italian Forum is promoted by the Collective African Women for Change in collaboration with numerous groups and associations 

Piedmont Center for African Studies - Turin

The Abele Group- Turin

The Intercultural Center of Turin

Women’s Association for the Defense of civil Society - Turin

The Almaterra Association - Turin

The Woman Space Group of Cascina Rocca Franca -  Turin

The Tam Tam of Africa Association- Rome


Réseau des Femmes d'Afrique Francophone pour l'atteinte des objectifs de développement durable (RFAF/ODD) - République Démocratique du Congo

FCEM Femmes chefs d'entreprise mondiale - Francia

Organisation des Femmes Africaines de la Diaspora (Ofad)  - Francia

Association d'appui aux femmes solidaires pour le développement integral (AFESDI) - Belgio

Ecovillage Micro Invest Fund Bruxelles - Belgio

Associacao da Mulher macambicana - Italia

The coLLEcTIVe african women for change

Born as a group in 2017 in Turin, in Piedmont, it was established as an association at the end of 2019. It is the reference point for a network of groups and associations of African women of different geographical and ethnic origin, active at national level through representations in several regions. Currently present in Piedmont, Lombardy, Lazio and Sicily.

It proposes to unite forces and competences to develop strategies for African women’s protagonism in addressing current challenges, both in the field of immigration-reception to integration- and international cooperation for Africa’s development.

-  Promoting and contributing to the discussions on the active participation of women at all levels and in favour of gender equality in the world, particularly African women in Italy and in countries of origin;
- Working for the empowerment, social and economic autonomy of African women;
- To be a bridge between Europe and Africa to participate and promote better cooperation in development projects is Africa..

The Collective African Women for Change was born thanks to the meeting with the Women’s Association for the Defense of civil Society in Turin, thanks to some meetings of Africa promoted in 2017 to start a profitable interaction between women. The initiative has stimulated our ability and the willingness to tell of us as African women, not only, to place us as interlocutors in public debates and reference points for other African women in Turin, Piedmont and in Italy.

After the first meetings and thanks to the involvement in the project FAMI MULTIACTION – InterAction Project in Piedmont Action 4 “Association” of the Gruppo Abele, thanks to the support of the Piedmont Region, African/Italian Forum took place in Turin on 25 October 2018. It was the launch of a trip enriched with meetings and interactions that continued to grow by involving women of the African diaspora in Europe and the feminine African reality.



Forum Donne africane italiane: Chi Siamo